Edna Bright, Ghost Cat and Frogherder

For my Thesis I’m working on three projects.

The first, my original thesis story, I’m working on using the James Sturm comics method which involves making very advanced ‘thumbnails’…if you’re my livejournal ‘friend’ you can see the first draft of these pages:



If you’ll look at the previous post you’ll see that I keep the previous ten or so pages taped up so I can see where I am in the story. I’ve found that when I’m working on a story of this legnth (about 50 or 60 pages) it really helps to see as much of it as possible.

Another new thing I’ve been trying with these is actually redrawing panels, cutting them out and taping the new one on top. You can see this on several of the pages. Also, page three has been completely redrawn…as will page six.

I should also mention that this story was originally called ‘Pills’ but now I think it’s just going to be called Edna Bright.

The second project is the second issue of my comic Frogherder Stories. For this one I’m using the Stan Sakai (my thesis adviser) method. This includes a rough script, loose fast thumbnails and then on to the final product. The goal for this one is to finish the second issue. I’m currently working on Thumbnails which I’ll post when I’m finished with.

The third project is a story…or a few stories featuring my character called ‘Ghost Cat’…if you check my livejournal you’ll see him in one of the watercolors I did with my wife, Amanda Ann. He’s the blue fellow sneaking around. Anyway, this project is straight to bristol (14 by 17). I have absolutely nothing written, the only thing I had when I started was a handful of sketches of Ghost Cat and some supporting characters which I’ll post soon… mostly I’ve been drawing until I need another character and then I’ll just draw it quickly in my sketchbook. This has been a really great process and makes me feel super-productive, in just over a week I’ve finished three pages and started the fourth. I’d like to get this up to five or six pages per week. The goal for this one is to just complete a few short stories and collect them into a mini-comic. here are a couple not so clear pictures of the pages, after I’m much farther along I’ll start posting good images of these, but I’m going to hold off for now.


I’ll be doing these progress posts each Friday so check back for more next week. Thanks for reading!


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