More Edna and Better Ghost Cat Scans

Here are two redone Edna Bright pages

p62.jpg p72.jpg

and a new page


The song I’m using here, like most southern gospel songs, has been recorded by a ton of people. I tried to find the original source but Wikipedia was no help…and that’s pretty much all my research options so if anyone knows where the original came from please let me know. Here it is recorded by ‘The Blind Boys of Alabama’ with a new fangled, but good, video.

And here are some scans of my Ghost Cat pencils:


Sorry these are so rough. The pages are huge, 14 by 17 and my scanner is iddy biddy so each one had to be scanned in four pieces. When they’re inked I’ll use the schools awesome 11 by 17 scanner.

I also started a new Ghost Cat story this week called ‘Fish Pie’. I’m very excited about it…maybe I’ll post some of it soon.

Lastly, here’s the first page of pencils for my thesis review which I finished yesterday. It’s a three page 11 by 17 inch comic which will be on display at CCS next week…starting Thursday. Everyone in our class is required to do one as well as make a short presentation for the Freshman class. I think this was a great assignment and I had a lot of fun drawing it. I’ll post the other pages after they’re inked and finished up.


More next Friday!


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    Toki Tani!

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