Appreciating The Center for Cartoon Studies

There are tons of great cartoonists linked in this post, click their names and check out their stuff!

I moved from Alabama to White River Junction about four and a half years ago. I got here at the end of July, 2006 and that sweet late summer in Vermont smell was in the air.

Expectations are always high when you come to a new school but I could have never anticipated how intense, amazing and enlightening my time at The Center for Cartoon Studies would be. There were definitely harrowing periods when I thought I would never keep up with the work or get anywhere close to the level of the amazing cartoonists working around me but, hard as it was, it was totally worth it.

Here are some cool things that happened while I was at CCS:

If I’m not mistaken this is first time I met these guys, we were assembling CCS mailers before classes started. From the left: Jeff Lok, Dane Martin, Joe Lambert, Sean Ford and Gabby Schulz.

Here my class is playing tag in a field with James Stum (that’s him in the middle).

My class helping Steve Bissette move north from Marlboro, VT. This was after I spent almost 8 hours with Steve in his attic helping him pack his insane comics collection. I held all the Zap comics in my hands that day and many other hard to find books. Plus hanging out with Steve was great. He and his wife Marge fixed us all dinner for helping with the move.

Front: Joe and Becca Lambert, Daniel Bissette (kneeling)
Middle: Sam Gaskin, Jeff Lok, me, Steve Bissette, Blair Sterrett and Jerimian Perisol
Back: Amanda Ann Stone, Caitlin Plovnik, Denis St.John and Alex Kim

Peter Money and Steve Bissette on our legendary six hour hike up Mt. Ascutney.


Penina Gal, Kubb E Bear, Liz Fairley and Amanda Ann Stone

From the CCS trip to Drawn and Quarterly in Montreal.

Jaci Anderson-Coovert, Amanda Ann Stone and Becca Lambert

Gory Daze Halloween Parade in White River Junction.

clockwise from center: Penina Gal, Chuck Forsman, Denis St.John, Colleen Frakes, Dane Martin, Alex Kim, Kubb E Bear and Jeff Lok

Assembling books at Penina Gal’s apt. before MoCCA.

Me, Amanda Ann Stone, Betsey Swardlick and Jon-Mikel Gates

Penina Gal and Jess Abston on a fence.

Playing basketball with James Sturm, Brandon Elston, Modi Kwanza and Stan Sakai! Stan was my thesis advisor and made it up to CCS for a visit.

Chuck Forsman and Jason Lutes

Clockwise from bottom center: Jason Lutes, Penina Gal, Matt Young, Denis St.John (sitting), Sean Ford, Dane Martin and Joe Lambert with long hair.

J.P. Anderson-Coovert, and Chuck Forsman

These three are from our very last class. We went out to Jason Lutes’ place and ate by his pond.

Me and Blair Sterrett standing in the window at CCS

Then we graduated

After graduation I stuck around. I got a decent illustration job (through the CCS message board) working for a local kid’s book company called Nomad. I stayed because the community here is great and I continue to learn from all the fine cartoonists in the area. I can’t imagine finding another group of people like this anywhere in the world.

That’s me in the Batman shirt grilling for this year’s Freshmen.

From left to right: Beth Hetland, Carol Thompson (sitting), CCS co-founder Michelle Ollie, Ryland Ianelli, Jen Vaughn, Carl Antanowitz, Paul Magro, Cat Garza, Bailey Kathleen Sharp, Randall Drew, Lena Chandhok, Donna Almendrala, Andy Warner, yours truly, Rio Aubrey Taylor and Betsey Swardlick.

For more info about The Center for Cartoon Studies, click here.


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  1. Corey

    That’s great man, thanks for sharing the mammories

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