rodger dodger

I had to have my dog “put to sleep” today. It was a last resort after years of dealing with increasingly violent outbursts…including biting my good friend Cat Garza on the face and showing a general contempt for my roommate Ryland Ianelli. Two days ago Rodger and I got into a fight when I tried to get a bone, which I thought was wedged in his mouth, away from him. He bit me several times on both arms and my leg before I could get him calmed down. It was so intense I knew I couldn’t put off having him euthanized any longer.

Despite all that he was a good dog. He’s been a great friend to me for almost seven years. Among his favorite things were flopping around on the ground, cheese, sour cream, peanut butter and cat turds. He hated monkeys, cats and the golden retrievers across the street.

These two sketchbook drawings are from just before I took him to the vet today.

Turkey inspector, one of his many talents.

Rodger and Amanda Ann.


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