We are all Here, We’re all Alone

I’m working on covers and interior art for the much delayed collection of my comic, Onion Head.

onion head black and white

From The Washington City Paper blog:

“At some points, the strip offers a disturbing satire of our generation’s issues with responsibility and independence. At other times, Stone appeals to our sympathies in scenes that serve to remind us that Onion Head and Woody are a lot like young people in real life, escaping into movies, mismanaging their money, and wandering around the neighborhood looking for something that will hold their attention.

Stone says his focus in Onion Head is finding the balance in Woody’s and Onion Head’s dichotomous relationship. “Onion Head comes to the worst conclusions and Woody is always the clean-up guy…they’re two halves of the same person,” Stone says.

The two are what the Odd Couple would have been like if Matthau and Lemon had attended suburban public schools and started smoking pot before they hit puberty. Onion Head is the guy with all the hair-brained money making schemes; the guy who drives his DVD collection to a pawnshop with the expectation of getting top dollar, only to settle for a twenty. Woody is the guy who works too hard to make up for the fact that he’s underemployed; the guy who would’ve told Onion Head he was an idiot if only he’d known what Onion Head was up to.”

Read the rest of the article here.


A few sketches of Mary Turner from Onion Head

Two pages of the title story from the book and the introduction of Kendra who will have a big role to play in the next story, Thief in the Night.


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