Calling all Aminals!

Above is the cover for Hush. Drawn by me and colored by Jeff Lok.

Hi all the creepy crawly critters! Just a reminder, the Funny Aminals 3 deadline is March 28th. If you would like to do something, we would be grateful to you and your families and all your future relations.

Here are the guidelines…

The theme this time around is Silent Aminals.

No dialogue or captions please (sound effects okay). The drawings can be loud, that’s about it. So keep it down…

Kid friendly please. Basically no bad words or T & A. But be edgy and subversive, if you wish.

1-6 pages.

8 1/2 x 11, 600dpi B&W/Gray scale

Submissions can be sent to me at

Hope everyone’s feeling like animals!



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  1. Some handy info for those not in the know: Contact info ( and “What is Funny Aminals?” (

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