Drawing at VINS

I spent the day today drawing birds at VINS ( The Vermont Institute of Natural Science )! VINS rehabilitates and educates the public about birds. I was invited out today as a part of their Radical Raptor Rendezvous.



The Snowy Owl was perfectly still for about 40 minutes with his eyes almost shut. At some point I looked up and he was staring at me like he was shocked to find me there. It hopped away and hid behind a post, good thing I had finished the drawing.



The Red-Tailed Hawks were patient models and seemed pretty curious about what I was doing.





I hadn’t planned on drawing the bald eagles, I wanted to draw the ravens. Unfortunately the ravens were hiding up on a perch so I went back to the the bald eagles, mostly because they look so profoundly grumpy. Also, they were hanging out close to the ground eating chunks of chicken and mice. They moved around a lot so I tried to get some quicker sketches.





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4 responses to “Drawing at VINS

  1. Jane Ingram

    really liked the raptor drawings and photos. the red-tailed hawks were my favorites. Keep up the good work.

  2. Heather

    I love reading your narration of the day. The bald eagles do look a bit grumpy, don’t they?!

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