Irie’s Gift







I started this comic about a year and a half ago for DoubleThink Comics. I wanted to do a simple fantasy story with a main character my daughter, Sadie, would like. I got started quickly but after sitting down to work on it one night I couldn’t bring myself to make a single mark. I couldn’t bring myself to work on any comics at all for the next six months or so.

During that time I started thinking a lot about what I was doing, in terms of comics and illustration, and why. I got really into Shigeru Mizuki, Kaoru Mori and Satoshi Kon’s manga. I remembered the comic one day and decided to use it to test out some of the ideas I’d been having. I ended up completely redrawing most of what I had done with redesigned characters and rewriting most of the dialogue.

So, after working on it off and on for a year like that I finished tonight. I learned a lot making this one, I hope you guys like it.



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3 responses to “Irie’s Gift

  1. Cool backstory, and love some of illustrative styles. Would love to see it become something longer!

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