Water Socks






Since I just did an auto-bio comic focused on my past (for Sweaty Palms) I wanted to do one looking at my present. In a way it’s a small attempt of holding onto where we are right now as a family. The cliche about kids growing so fast is so devestatingly true.

I wasn’t too concerned with plot with this one, I was looking instead to capture a moment in time.

The lecture I’m listening to in the comic is by Michael Puett, a professor at Harvard.

The book I’m reading is The Complete Works of Zhuangzi by Burton Watson.

I first read about Zhuang Zhou ( or Zhuangzi ) in the McSweeney’s magazine The Believer. The May 2013 issue. It’s an “interview” with him. It’s really funny and worth a read if you’re interested.

Lastly, I also read Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh’s excellent book on Chinese philosophy while I was working on this comic, It’s called The Path.



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  1. There’s some excellent content here!! 😀

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