Water Socks

So, So Sad – Part 1

The Orb of Shalla, Part 1

The Orb of Shalla, Part 2

The Orb of Shalla will be concluded soon!

My werewolf story from Werewolf 3. Check out the book here.

Tales #1 was drawn for Bash Magazine. This one is based on the Grimm’s Fairy Tale, The Seven Ravens.

Tales #2, This one is a little bit more experimental and was also originally published in Bash Magazine.

Tales #3, This comic was also drawn for Bash!.

Tales #4, Turtle Vs. Dragon

Enviro Squad Alpha…GO! was drawn for Dartmouth College’s Project GreenLight.

Frogherder is a story about furry little aliens who can control frogs with mind powers. I did almost 400 Frogherder comic strips and while I attended The Center for Cartoon Studies I made a few longer format comics, links below.

The Remedy


Timo’s Dream, Frogherder Stories mini-comic cover and pin-ups by Denis St.John and Cat Garza

I made the first Onion Head comic for an anthology called Sundays, and as part of my thesis work at The Center for Cartoon Studies. I started making three page OH stories for Bash! Magazine…until it was canceled (because of #7, below). I have a full length Onion Head comic (90 plus pages) written and ready to go, I just have to find the time to draw it.

Sorry kids, this one’s for grown ups!

Onion Head #1, 20 Bucks

Onion Head #2, No Pets Allowed

Onion Head #3

Onion Head #4, Class reunion.

Onion Head #5, Onion Head learns about credit.

Onion Head #6, Onion Head and Mary go on a date.

Onion Head #7, bad news.

Onion Head #8, The last Onion Head story…for now.

An Onion Head preview post.

An Onion Head review by The Washington City Paper Blog

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